Avocado Milk Recipe

Literally drink an entire avocado.

So my house mates were the ones that introduced me to try avocados (avocadoes?) with milk.

They were also the ones that told me I’ve been spelling them wrong my whole life. avacado - Wrong. avocado - Right.

Avocados are pretty darn healthy, with their healthy fats and all their added nutrition, it’s widely considered as a superfood. They’re also only a dollar each usually at ALDI’s (local supermarket), and if you buy them in bulk you save even more! Though if I were to eat an avocado a day I might get sick of it really fast.

I felt that the avocado milk tasted good, but only with added honey, else it might feel a little ‘buttery’. Here’s a simple how-to on making avocado milk, serves 1.

Final Product

You will need: - -1 Avocado (ripe, when soft as the label on my avocados always tell me) - -Milk (2% or whole, I live on 2% milk) - -Honey - -Blender

Now I understand how some college students don’t have and won’t have a blender. I used to live in the residence halls (fancy-pants word for dorms with added perks) and would have never got myself a blender. Although we got this during Black Friday for $10 so keep your eyes open if you’re in the market for one! I find a blender a good household investment because it’s easy to make healthy drinks, pesto, and also mainly tasty shakes when the bunch of fruits you’ve bought are turning soft and squishy.

Step 1: Remove Avocado Skin and Cut into Chunks

Use a knife to split it in half, and then a spoon to dig out the edible parts. Cut them up into small chunks or just toss it all into the blender, it should be soft enough for any blender to blend. No we won’t be using the pit so don’t go putting the pit into the blender as well, though you could totally try that and let me know how it goes.

Step 2: Add milk

Pour milk in, the more the ‘creamier’ your drink will be. I put in about 1/4 cup of milk and it was a nice consistency, not too creamy or thick. You could also use plain water to dilute it without making it even more creamy but less thick. This is nice if you’re not in the mood for more creaminess than the buttery avocado already offers.


Step 3: Blend

You don’t really do work here, like I said this is a really simple recipe. Activate your blender skills and watch your blender slave for that drink. You might need to shake it a little to make sure all the bits of avocado get blended, unless you’re a fan of chunky drinks. Optionally add some water or more milk to get the blending going.

Step 4 : Honey

Pour out the liquid into a cup, and with a plastic spoon add a tablespoon of honey, to taste. I didn’t blend honey with the avocado and milk in the blender because metal (unless silver or gold) based cutlery oxidizes the good enzymes in the honey. (OK, I tried fact checking this. I first heard about this from some guy that was trying to sell me and my family honey in Thailand, so much for credibility eh, and the Internet doesn’t have credible sources on this so I won’t reference, but no harm using a plastic spoon, right?)


Step 5: Ice

Add some ice in and stir it all up for a refreshing cool drink. If your blender can obliterate ice then add ice in step 3 and you got a nice smoothie. Shake it up instead if you’re a shaken-not-stirred kind of person.


Add a frozen/normal banana, or some other kind of fruit, be creative and improvise! I’ve tried adding blue berries once and the resulting drink didn’t look too appetizing so maybe fruits that don’t stain.